About Our Team

How we began

Reality Interactive was founded when we decided to team up for the game jam competition in Georgia, Tbilisi, in 2018. Since then, we have consistently partnered with many teams to help make their game projects stand out.

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Game Development

We specialize in developing excellent PC, VR, and iOS/Android games. We also create modding solutions for existing popular PC games.

Software & Mobile Apps

Interactive Mobile and Desktop applications, automations, and more.

Backend & User Data

Databases, scaleable multiplayer networking, authenticating user info on different cloud providers.

Game Art - 2D & 3D

We have art for you, the one with pixels and the one with polys.

VR & AR Experiences

We develop different VR and Metaverse experiences. All major Desktop VR headsets, Meta/Oculus, SteamVR & more.

...And much more...

More to be updated. Stay tuned!