About Our Team

How we began

The team first officially formed when we decided to participate in largest game jam competition in Georgia so far, in 2018. Since then we have got actual on-site office where we develop games together for clients. We're also developing our own game: Spess.


Game Development

We can make any sort of games, prototypes, even work on features of your game. We use Unity engine and can get all sort of things done.

General Software & Mobile Apps

If you need some kind of software for your business, or app for your product(s) here we are. We can get that done as well!

Backend & User info

Handling databases, saving user info, etc.

Game Art - 2D & 3D

We have art. The one with pixels and one with polys.

VR & AR Experiences

We can develop different VR/AR applications and features. We develop with all major Desktop VR headsets, Oculus, Vuforia for AR & more.

...And much more...

More to come, stay tuned. Or check top bar pages.


Desktop & VR game coming on Steam Q2 2021. Our primary project, it is based on classic Space Station 13 game, where you perform different jobs at a space station!

Vanguard of Demise

Multiplayer FFA shooter in 2D pixel art style

Submarine Lurker

Small game about surviving in hostile waters as a submarine

Bouncy Wall

Hyper-casual simplistic breakout inspired Android game.

Neon Racer

TDE Jam Entry

War of Rogues: Cells Survival

Spore-like game in procedurally generated grid based world